Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why I Started This Blog

Engraving from the Middle Ages depicting the Biblical Great Deluge.

It’s time to come clean. Here is my personal motivation for starting this “Ancient Tides” blog a couple of months ago.

I read a book in late spring entitled Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C., authored by D.S. Allan and J.B. Delair. It sent my mind reeling with huge questions about how and what we are taught regarding the history of this planet.

The authors – both reputable men of science, associated with Cambridge and Oxford universities – contend that about 11,500 years ago (or 9500 B.C.) our solar system was invaded by pieces of a supernova, or exploding star. The path of a couple of the largest pieces disrupted our solar system and had especially dramatic effects on the earth. Some planets were dislodged from their previous orbits, some planetary moons were scattered, one entire planet was demolished. And Earth was knocked off its previous poles, setting off an enormous cataclysm that changed our planet in major ways and nearly extinguished mankind.

I’m oversimplifying, of course. The book is packed with statistics, research findings and is heavily footnoted, with multiple appendices.

Evidence of Widespread Destruction

The authors believe that, prior to the cataclysm, Earth was upright on its axis, which meant no changing seasons. Most of the planet was a lush paradise with abundant fruits and vegetables. Mankind lived in sophisticated civilizations and was vegetarian. This, they say, was the basis for the Garden of Eden in the Bible and every other ancient holy book.

The catclysm set off atmospheric and terrestrial catastrophes that submerged much of Earth’s land mass, created instant mountains and valleys where none existed, blasted the atmosphere with a thick blanket of ash from countless volcanoes, and finally unleashed veritable torrents of shifting seawaters and pounding rains lasting for months. This, they say, is the Great Flood described in Exodus and in the many other early sources cited. Earth finally regained regular rotation, but at an angle 23 degrees off of what had previously been upright. This angle is what has created our seasons and all of the far-reaching implications of that fact.

Civilizations – likely including the mysterious Atlantis – were destroyed around the globe. Only rarely do we unearth a trace of how mankind lived prior to the cataclysm. The human survivors sometimes banded together to create new civilizations, such as the Egyptian and Ancient Mayan cultures, but more often were forced into a Stone Age existence.

Update the History Books

The book tells an incredible story, one greatly at odds with everything you and I were taught about the history of Earth and mankind. To answer the obvious question of why aren’t we more aware of this scenario, the authors only say that the scientific and educational establishments are astonishingly slow moving. No one seems to have come up with proof that the authors and their hypothesis are just plain nuts, but nor is this story being publicized as it deserves.

I began “Ancient Tides” to, first, learn more about this period of time and to find out what today’s archaeologists and other scientists, armed with their technologically advanced tools, are finding out. And second, to keep an eye open for new developments that would either support or contradict the Cataclysm! hypothesis. My post earlier today about Doggerland – plus some of my earlier posts on this blog – seem to support it.

It’s time to get the word out.


Anonymous said...

I believe a lot of what you said to be true. I listen to Coast to Coast Am a lot and hear Richard Hoglands discuss the pyramid on Mars. My mind doesn't have the compacity to be a scholar at ancient history but I do find it interesting.

Surfer said...

lovely blog!
great spirit left traces everywhere!